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巴菲特概念股三板虎Giffin eyes flashed a touch of remembrance: "When I traveled here in my early years, It has some roots in one of them, I just got in touch recently, In fact, among the qiang people, there are a lot of qiang people admire my han culture, like-minded, but unfortunately, when the court decayed, to this ruler just want to use white water qiang battle power, the war, the end of the war, then expropriation, even with the qiang head impersonation military merit, master want to accept white water qiang, when to show his sincerity! "Pound also know this time is not a time of mutual modesty, immediately said: "d listen to orders, ordered you to lead five thousand elite ride to war, a frustration of the huns spirit.""The general waited until he was angry." Coppage smiled and said, "I know the general loyalty, would rather die than surrender, but if the general died, liu bei's two wives became tsao gong captive, even if tsao gong not embarrassed, but also will not have much care, in the future to xuchang, two wives alone, general have thought about the situation of the two wives in the future?"

"Yes!" D sneer at a way: "If you really have this ability, is to listen to you? But need to establish a warrant!"Low words with a special appeal, many people silently tightened their weapons, lyu3 bu4 words, let them have gradually numb heart suddenly rose a hot, with lyu3 bu4 words, constantly accumulating, long-lost blood, in this moment, there is a kind of impulse as if to be ignited."Probably a few additions and improvements to the migration plan." Lyu3 bu4 laughs: "But now it seems that there are still some omissions."巴菲特概念股With his back to lyu3 bu4, can't see appearance, but in terms of body, or good, think about the position of ZuoXianWang in the huns, can become his concubine, beauty is not too bad, no wonder can let HanDe these veterans color enchanted.

巴菲特概念股Whew ~"I have ordered the Ming army to come, hoping to catch up!" D cold hum 1, on horseback out of the city, he just got intelligence today, although the other party did not reveal their identity, but these days with unusual behavior, let d heart doubt, now only hope to catch before father to dinner, to jincheng, otherwise, big Hugh."Kill ~"

"What are the details?" Lyu3 bu4 motioned for three people to sit down, sink a voice asked."Master wise, but these rumors if put aside, even if a few generals have no anti-heart, I'm afraid the soldiers under his heart also inevitably have his meaning." Giffin smiled and nodded.巴菲特概念股




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