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制服小说|姜老太When hutch springs led the defeated army back to the city of millet, also regardless of the rear and their own troops, hurriedly ordered people to close the gates, rally all the huns soldiers guarding the city, after the first world war, he was lyu3 bu4 killed afraid."Master, is d, while the rain night burn when soldiers loosen, into the burn when camp, burn when the king has sent for help!" Han sui has just finished wearing, into GongYing dignified face into: "whether our troops to rescue!""Son of a bitch, dare to fight with me!?" Cao Pengwen speech great anger, howl, clap to wei.

Outside xinfeng city, cao peng rate army left soon, a force of more than five hundred people appeared at the gates, he yi clap horse, hand fork pointed to ChengTou way: "city people listen, I am WenHou account general He Yi, today in the life of WenHou, came to seize the city, my master read heaven has good life, if willing to open the door to surrender, then let bygones bygones be bygones!""Master worry too much?" Yang Qiu some disapprovingly way: "Lyu3 bu4 under not only twenty thousand, but also to step died, how can threaten our army?""Oh?" Seibel's eyes narrowed slightly, looking at Chen Xing, and looked at others, light way: "I don't know what general Chen have?"制服小说|"This..." At listen to xun yu said, some blankly shook his head: "or the reckless man?"

制服小说|In addition, lyu3 bu4 probably mentioned business with marotta, harmony cool place, although barren now, but there is a blessed condition, close to the silk road, in the future if can lay the west cool, lyu3 bu4 ready to reopen the western regions, set up caravan, merchant western regions, it is a treasure trove, and can effectively drive lyu3 bu4 under the economy.Four xiongnu warriors roared to separate the crowd, toward lyu3 bu4 kill.ZuoXian king liu bao did not go to Korea hence about, at ease to stay in show beauty according to his heart and ideas to govern the city, in his view, Korea hence combined with the other four soldiers, enough to destroy lyu3 bu4, he doesn't need to go over.

Heavy gates slowly open, has been waiting outside the gate of lyu3 bu4 with military forces into the city, no longer deliberately hidden trail, crisp horseshoe sound finally caught the attention of the defenders in the city.For a moment, zhong yao only feel mind a dizziness, an unspeakable depressed gas surging up, in the surroundings of several QinWei shouts, shouted, a mouthful of blood spurted out, fainted directly in the past.Xun yu frowned and said, "if lyu3 bu4 were to marry a princess of ten thousand years, and have the status of a royal relative, and lyu3 bu4's prestige, he would certainly attract a large number of talented people. Although this method of filial piety can appease lyu3 bu4, it would be tantamount to raising a tiger for trouble!"制服小说|




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