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悄悄告诉你|3g16"Wen, until today, I did not know lv bu's terrible. It is hard to imagine that the xiao hu who was playfully handled by Chen hanyu and his son in xuzhou could be so terrible today. Cao cao had some regrets."Good!" "Zhang liao lang said.Pang tong shook his head and said, "no, the matter is not clear yet. It may not be cao cao. Besides, the two countries fought each other by their own means.

Even if die, in the death before also want with vigour and vitality!In cao cao's terrorist assassination attempt, and finally in the seamless cooperation with government and family for the first time, after three months of cleaning is suppressed completely, three months of brewing and fermentation, however, even if cao cao would stop, also inevitably spread to jiangdong, JingXiang and shu, the influence of the terrorist assassination is not eliminated."To persuade? Why persuade? Promise him." Zhou yu laughed.悄悄告诉你|"I'll tell you what." < / p > < p > in the military, wei yan see palm flag to make the flag, not by rolling his eyes, waved the army to attack.

悄悄告诉你|"Ha ha ha ha ~" kuai liang feeling the loss of life, but the corners of the mouth hang a smile, laughter is getting bigger and bigger, to the end of the crazy laugh, laughter, with a difficult to say desolate, after this battle, whether CAI or kuai home is a big wound, no longer the past heyday."Off!""Liu ye, I have seen the general." Liu yezheng is his lapel, slightly arch way.

Xunyou suddenly came up with an idea in his mind, looking at xun yu: "mingxiu plank road secretly Chen cang?"This has to say the competition between chang 'an five."Have no matter, adult go to accord a little rest first, I this go to ask ying er to come out." Xu niang smiled and greeted people to welcome Chen qun in.悄悄告诉你|




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