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何诗韵|卡密欧口服胶囊Liu bei was silent without a word, for a long time just look at a face of smiling zhuge liang, acerbity voice way: "that preparation should how?""He is not wrong, the man alive, since the promise of a thousand gold, you matter, zi Ming has sent a letter and I said, if not you, he will not fall out with liu bei, even if not important, if not you appear, liu bei will not give up such a general, for the father want to thank you for my back a general. Lyu3 bu4 coldly a smile: "my lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly want to rely on a daughter to betray beauty to retain general, ha ~""Besides, where is there a real mohist now?" With a smile, lu bu looked toward Chen gong dao.

"The enemy is not clear, and our troops are not firm enough in jizhou to move lightly." Jia xu shook his head gently., of course, can not copy the practice of later generations, has been the land of the Lord is not back, but except those private fields, all fields, and are classified as state, are actually fold back the land rights completely, and those of his family, according to the circumstances, deprived of some or all of the fields, these fields also belongs to the office, and then by the office according to the actual situation, alas the justice department, under the supervision of distributed to the people, but just let the people go, but ownership still belongs to the office.No matter heluo or yecheng or guangping, it is very important for lv bu. There is a port for lv bu to absorb the population outward. Once the port is pushed back to guanzhong and xizhou, it will be more than ten times more difficult for lv bu to absorb the population from the central plains.何诗韵|"General, look! At this time, a pro guard pointed to the front shouted, pulled li dian's thoughts back, hurriedly looked up, but saw himself not long ago sent to receive fen Yin a horse and soldier at the moment again appear in the line of sight, the appearance is very embarrassed.

何诗韵|Lu lingqi felt relieved. If jingxiang and jiangdong could not form an alliance, lu bu would be completely isolated. Then he frowned and said, "Sir, we were ambushed just after entering jingxiang. How about we go to jiangdong right now?"Pound nodded. "we have not enough men and horses."But your teacher, huang zhonghuang han sheng who followed the eldest brother of qin?" Liu biao looked at liu pan dao.

"No, we were sent by the Lord to escort Mr. Yishan." An hussar, riding a guard, hurriedly asked the scribes behind him to come out and introduced him, saying, "this is Mr. Yang fu, a famous scholar of xiliang, Mr. Yang yishan."Zheng son." Lu bu took jiang wei from jiang orz's arms and turned to lu zheng."Go high, go quickly, fetch me the consigliere." Before the two armies fought, li ru naturally could not go into battle, was arranged in the rear dispatch.何诗韵|




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