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梅兹文斯基|双软认定代办Zhang yun zhang opened his mouth, complexion a change, face become pale, incredible looking kuai yue way: "he... You...... ""The first warrior of the frost kingdom?" Lyu3 bu4 scanned one eye to pull out Hanna dead not close one's eyes of corpse, funny shook head, true don't know this person arrive here after all is stem what?The archers began to hurl their arrows at the enemy's shields, and rows of soldiers came forward to shield the archers from the arrows of the cao archers.

Zheng xuan's death seemed to herald the passing of an era, the former three Confucian gentleman, now all is dead, look to the world, the Confucian master truly, has been difficult to find again, perhaps as zheng xuan said dying, Confucian unfortunately, all the sadness, for Confucianism, it is a s is about to die, but for the world, it is a vibrant s.Wait, the world will be in chaos, not in a hurry."My Lord, what has happened?" Zhang lu's wife, with her sleepy eyes, woke him up and helped him put on his clothes.梅兹文斯基|Zhuge liang nodded, four big family through the years is jingzhou family leader, if want to will be right back, the four family must be suppressed, but not a pole killed, after the hit, but to draw, and liu bei in the small and medium-sized family has a good foundation, as long as the four to tidy up break up, the next thing is much more easy.

梅兹文斯基|< / p > < p > next found that chang 'an city was running to fill the Confucian scholars, no matter where he went, can see the figure of the Confucian active, but under, lv bu can only take his wife to return to the house.Lu xun and gu shao nodded their heads. Xiongkuo hai followed lu bu for many years and was one of the fierce generals under his command. He fought xu chu, zhang fei and guan yu, and now he is also famous as one of the most powerful generals in the world.'ranjan? Lv bu wanted to think, see xiangyang fu way: "it is her, yi shan talk really euphemism."

"Yi DE, when you go out, you should obey your advisor and not act rashly." Liu bei looked at zhang fei and solemnly said, "be sure to protect the safety of the military adviser."The soul!< / p > < p > the head of the class is lv bu in chang 'an began to spread, most of the lv bu implementation of elite policy, eliminated the soldiers placed in place to maintain local order.梅兹文斯基|




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