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神河美音|东风小霸王厢式货车"It seems that in addition to wu college, zheng son should also go to other colleges to study." Lv bu could not help shaking his head and picked up lv zheng: "I ask you, zheng son, if your finger pain unbearable, you are the choice to ask the doctor to cure it, or directly cut it off, so that it no longer pain?"Over the years as the trade with the guanzhong, they can realize the lyu3 bu4, what's more, many families a calculation, if really go to war, regardless of winning or losing, their losses are not small, and lu bu if this time closed the guanzhong and trade in the central plains, many small and medium-sized family giants, I'm afraid to lose everything.The throne of the emperor was hanging in the air, and lv bu, as a general riding an hussar, stood on the right side of the seat of the emperor, which was regarded as a kind of respect to the han dynasty. Although the emperor was not here, lv bu had invited the han emperor on such an important occasion to receive foreign envoys.

"No need to ask?" Cao cao was very angry and smiled back. He nodded and said, "ok, don't ask me."Wen, until today, I did not know lv bu's terrible. It is hard to imagine that the xiao hu who was playfully handled by Chen hanyu and his son in xuzhou could be so terrible today. Cao cao had some regrets.Lv zheng consciously came to the side of lv bu, followed lv bu practice together, but also a model.神河美音|"Well!" Zhao class head already hold a stomach gas, smell words li drink, a group of official have drawn a knife, harsh voice way: "go away!"

神河美音|"Buddhist solemn place, you and so on body dye kill evil, how can enter, not afraid of collision Buddha?" A dozen monks, armed with sticks, stopped zhao's head.If asked to wild goose cabinet which girl the most red, I'm afraid for over a year ago the nightingale girl, piano chess calligraphy and painting master, voice tactfully, unknowingly fall, although for a long time, are fine gauze covered face, have never seen her face, but in this Xu Changcheng, don't know how many romantic for dumping to celebrities, to see its appearance, regardless of the dream.In addition, xu huang, cao ren, xiahou dun, xiahou yuan, gao LAN have been assassinated, fortunately these people are usually accompanied by soldiers and horses, not by the assassin succeeded, but even so, will cao cao was not light, not only si kongfu guards added twice, around the important advisers also sent a large number of guards day and night protection.

Zhang liao is obviously ready to play a protracted war, this makes xia houyuan very difficult to understand, this is not equal to give him time to mobilize more power to destroy him?"Kill!" The two soldiers did not show anger or fear for the death of their comrades. One soldier cut the sword across the ground towards zang ba. Zang ba's mouth was hot, and he could only manage to block it."My Lord is at ease." The nighthawk stood up after another blow.神河美音|




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