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天愿结|破石机< / p > < p > wen bingbing looked at lv lingqi, secretly decided to catch the girl, and then let go, also do not disgrace the name of the general.'I won't! Lyu3 ling3 qi4 humed 1, no matter lyu3 bu4 of nu drink, turn around to take a gang of women huo4 bu4 rushed out of the barracks.

Originally did not have too many threats qiang people, suddenly became the main force, han sui soldiers began to appear someone fled, and more and more."Drag it out and take control of the academy immediately. No one can enter or leave!" "He yi said coldly.However burn when Lao wang know the return of a guli is pleasantly surprised, yesterday heard that a guli was captured by the han army, burned when Lao wang but heartache, but a guli his most trusted general, did not expect, a guli unexpectedly came back, after getting the news, hurriedly let people will be a guli.天愿结|"Do not need from the chaos, presumably that lu thief also know their actions have been angry, will strengthen the general house defense. The old man known as jian gong was named sima phong, the head of a prominent family in Hanoi. At that time, lu bu entered Hanoi, because Hanoi was too far away from chang 'an, and he was out of the control of lu phu. Therefore, he brought back all the people in Hanoi together with the family and prominent family.

天愿结|"Big brother doesn't know." Kun mu heart a tight, face is a smile unchanged way: "han sui's army is also a lot of qiang people, and although this person is qiang people dress, but in fact is han people, just grew up in qiang people, looks more like qiang people.Looking at the expression of the generals, lu bu shook his head and smiled, "your soldiers are more valuable than you are good at. Besides, these soldiers are not completely scattered. After we have enough money, it will not be too late to train these troops into regular troops, such as zhang liao and ma chao.""Wait, see." Another general of high prestige shook his head. Now they needed to determine the attitude of the han people. Since they had sent someone to show that there was no hostility at least for the time being, and the other generals nodded their heads, it was best not to start a war with the han army.

Perhaps because of his family circumstances, he is more mature than his peers, the way to see the problem, the cruel cognition of the society, is much stronger than from the greenhouse flowers, when all his peers are still immersed in the paradise like flowers, he began to constantly job-hopping, constantly absorb experience, knowledge.Pang tong understood why wen bing, a famous general of jingxiang, had suffered a great loss in the hands of these women, and even became a prisoner himself.Is this artisan made the first camp construction for people's livelihood, for lu bu, has great significance, with the successive lead time things made, artisan camp will no longer be lyu3 bu4 a swallow gold in the hands of a beast, not only can improve people's livelihood, more can be some practical things to sell, as a cash machine, and the human is also a kind of liberation.天愿结|




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