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维唯行论文网|潲水油提炼设备"It's not a big deal. Lyu3 bu4 is busy with the rural school. The paper books have been sold to the central plains recently." Guan yu shook his head.Thinking of zu, pang tong suddenly reacted, yuan jia is so no, zu may not escape lu bu's hands?"My little brother thought of that, too." CAI MAO wry smile way: "just this person and brother-in-law one mind, the current situation, with that liu2 bei4 cheng4 fu, afraid won't be wrong from start, that zhang fei is more by liu2 bei4 direct ban foot."

"Yes, there are grass pavilion in the yard, and table and stool." The boy rolled his eyes at zhang fei and then stretched out his hand to liu bei and said, "please, emperor shu."Lyu3 bu4 do not worry about zhen governors said reversed, zhen home now looking at much flourish, but in fact, lyu3 bu4, don't know how many people stare at zhen now seat, everyone would take refuge in the cao cao zhen home or liu tables, it can instead, lyu3 bu4 needed, just directly cut off the house of zhen channels, the zhen home are nothing, without these, zhen home may also keep the status today?"Huangshu need not worry, I'm afraid the most important person in the world to frustrate lv bu is not the huangshu, but cao cao, who is a traitor in a turbulent time and the most powerful vassal besides lv bu. If cao meng DE sends someone to lobby jingxiang at that time, the huangshu should urge liu jingzhou to agree to the alliance. Zhuge liang smiled and said, "as long as liu jingzhou agrees to form an alliance, jiang dongsun's family will naturally join in. Then they will persuade liu zhang of yizhou in the name of righteousness.维唯行论文网|"Retreat?" Gao shun leaned forward slightly, looking at pang tong: "how do you say this?"

维唯行论文网|"Om ~""Even if he wins, jizhou will not be the place where childe stayed for a long time." Shake your head, guo tu is very clear, have the support of old family and old family of ji zhou, if in ji zhou and yuan shang dou, yuan tan is dui yuan shang, only return qingzhou, there is the foundation of yuan tan, no more help, also can hold a party.However, if we had to fight now, we might have to fight a final battle. With the power of the strange crossbow in lv bu's army, we could not stop the giant crossbow of the other side. We could only fight a final battle and at least have a glimmer of life.

Back to chang 'an, is not a whim of the decision."General, the general is incompetent, and the three armies are at risk!" Pound returned to zhang liao with a face of shame, bitter way."Gong tai, you... Pay attention to rest." Looking at Chen gong, lv bu's heart rose an unspeakable sadness, a cavity to the mouth but also only a few words.维唯行论文网|




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