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小熊和张弛欧麦诗Instead of using a crossbow, the three hundred hussars bent their bows to make their arrows, and when the enemy drew near, a hail of arrows swung through them, and the slaughter men made a circle in front of the line, dropping a dozen dead bodies, and then galloped back.Although not as straightforward as tu hu ling, but when it comes to long-term damage, it is more effective than tu hu ling. At least, in more than a month, Wolf qiang, first zero and yue shi and even lu bu has been annexed tu yan, began to hunt huns."Lord, the qiang had a conflict with the business recently, and killed several people. Zhang shen said: "the duke intends to make the qiang people naturalized, but the qiang people are tough, very difficult to discipline."

"Wen he, DE jong? What are you doing here? Changan has had an accident?" Lv bu led the crowd to a shady place. Someone had already placed three chairs and invited three people to sit down."Lord, yueyi's men have retired." Han DE came to lv bu side, looking at the face is not good-looking lv bu, shen sheng said.Seems from after I came to this world, many things have accelerated the development of many, yuan destruction in advance, sun ce also died six months earlier, and liu bei, and marten Korea hence, such a change, for lu bu is good or bad, at least for now, the beginning of the battle of guandu, also let the world pay attention to the north of the mini-bosses, lyu3 bu4 big break the huns, beat han sui, seemed to have been forgotten, but also as a result, let lyu3 bu4 have peace of mind of the development of the time.小熊和张弛Can be pressed by the enemy only with the momentum of the commotion, the morale of the army down, is not the mob? But lv bu does not have any method temporarily, so-called elite, pass a field to win namely, the self-confidence that piles up still has pair of victory desire, be like the yue shi now, they desire victory, desire honor, desire harvest, it is this kind of desire, let them stand firmly behind lv bu.

小熊和张弛"First row, go!At home, it was impossible for lu bu to wear armor. He changed into a suit of Confucian robes, put on a sword, and walked aimlessly along the busy streets of chang 'an city with diao chan.Burn when laowang complexion is not very good-looking, han sui in the past to find themselves, at most with a few guards, this time with 500 people, want to do?

"Be!" Four brave men step forward, stretch out a hand to lead, toward lu lingqi way: "young lady, don't want to let the subordinate difficult."'well? Yue shi wang looks forward to the way.Hearing this, lu bu could only smile without explanation. Some things could not be explained or explained. In order to arrange the camp, lu bu had to pay a lot of blood to build it.小熊和张弛




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