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立川明日香ed2k黄金火灸被"Master rest assured." Giffin twisted his beard and said with a smile, "My subordinates have already inquired into the character of Beigong Li, only a brave man, but there is a man around him who can make his layout. He will certainly come to force the palace tonight, and my subordinates have arranged it properly."

"Pu tong ~" several jun can not withstand seibel army brought about by the sense of pressure, splashed into the river."Sir..." Opened his mouth, but see Li You has left, can not help but look at the outside, for a long time, eyes flashed a ruthless color, toward the door loudly way: "Somebody, go to the county to ask the big families to come to the meeting."Dusk gradually came down, patter of light rain dripping down, standing in the linjing satrap house, looked up at the gloomy sky, d some tired sigh, let the rain fall on him.立川明日香ed2kChen xing frowned, don't look at the candidates siege, but if he really sent troops to support seibel, candidates will not put in the past.

立川明日香ed2kThe horn sounded again, two people at the same time looked across, after a short period of trimming, Korea then launched an offensive against the camp again, Pound took a deep breath, picked up the sword beside him sink a track: "The fierce battle danger, strategist and back, to a broken enemy!"Candidate hummed twice, directly back to camp to sleep, sure enough, not long after the kung fu, and outside the sound of gongs and drums, just not long before disappeared.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech suddenly looked back, deeply looked at the woman, blurted out: "CAI wenji?"

"So it's the King of the Northern Gun." D eyes a bright, hand shili way, north gun king's name, in the central plains may not have much reputation, but in the west cool, zhang embroidery's name is not small, although can't compare with the horse home, but the name of bravery, in more than a decade ago has broken out of a hall of fame.When a scout heard the movement, his eyes flashed a touch of surprise, hurriedly turned the horse's head, is a cluster of arrows shot, scouts managed to hide, the cluster of arrows through his shoulder armor....立川明日香ed2k




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