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蓝草乡村三板虎Zhuge Liang did not answer. It was a long time before he opened his eyes, looked at them, shook his head and said, "Tell General Yide to prepare to withdraw his troops.""Sze-yuen, how about that?" Pang tong back, wei hurriedly meet up."Yes." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, "the sky to not take, but by its blame, don't want to seal the king, sun quan also sent me such a gift!"

"Damn it!" Li yan looked at a large number of jingzhou soldiers by the other side mowing grass harvesting, standing on the wall, but nothing to do, angry punch hit on the wall of women.Without too much hesitation, his horses have begun to meet zhang fei, in the hands of the sword dragged on the ground, a sharp momentum came into being."This..." He Qiwen speech, can't help but smile, will guan yu how to play tired soldiers, despise morale, and then raided the broken city again, although not guan yu intended, but from the results, it is so.蓝草乡村Even if Zhuge Liang could come up with a solution in such a short time, It is also difficult to practice, but gossip, for zhuge liang, has been thoroughly studied, to break is not difficult, between life and death, as long as you find the right, can be easily solved, but the simplification of the disgusting place is here, in order to simplify and remove many essence, although weak, but also weak shortcomings.

蓝草乡村With wei commanded, three thousand crossbow arrows out of the air, the mountain, yan yan haven't had time to answer the subordinates, feel scalp a tingling, instinct to hide behind a tree."Why did you stop?" Suddenly, guan yu looked back, see a lot of jingzhou soldiers gradually stopped running, can't help but bridle horse frown way."Kill!" A group of jingzhou soldiers roared up the weapon, followed guan yu back to kill.

Looking at the gloomy Wei Yan, Zhang Ren, Deng Xian, Ling Bao and others looked at each other, Guanzhong elite although a lot of damage, But because Wei Yan slaughtered the pretty king, Ultimately together with the front of the slaughter and subsequent pursuit, sand mo ke brought five thousand five creek pretty soldier almost wiped out, and if not that a fly axe, wei yan guanzhong elite loss will never exceed three hundred, such a record, in their view, it has been equivalent to a victory, really don't understand why wei yan so angry."Damn it, I'll stop him!" Tardif scold 1, brought up the halberd to meet guan yu.蓝草乡村




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