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逢坂春菜 番号|蜂花前清茶价格"Shi yuan, the Lord asked you to arrange these things and send them to the state of zhongshan as soon as possible." Jiang lost hurried in and handed a thread-bound book to pang tong.Chapter 65 the battle of hedong (part ii)Very weak, that kind of power after explosive vent the sequela is apparent at the moment, the ares of lyu3 bu4 is invincible, even can kill the xi, xu chu, but after this into powerlessness, if at the moment of lyu3 bu4 to xu chu again, I am afraid most can only maintain an unbeaten results but also cannot be lasting.

"What, not happy? Lv bu felt the resentment of a gang of men and sneered: "if anyone has the courage to fan the non - root between your legs, I can agree to him to join the female camp, and then you can enjoy this treatment, anyone?"Yuan shang sniffed yan's brows, but yuan tan's eyes brightened and nodded: "good, it's a deal!""Women are not allowed to interfere in government affairs. How your husband decides is his business, and I am not allowed to interfere." For a long time, Mrs. CAI just leisurely sighed, turned her head to look at CAI MAO, looking at the appearance of the other side, liumei wei, shook her head and said: "DE GUI, you are the CAI family Lord, remember your identity, everything to ask me, what do you want?逢坂春菜 番号|"Since it is under the proposal, naturally from the next to negotiate with it, will make the Lord get meng jin." Sima lang arch way.

逢坂春菜 番号|"If lu bu can be expelled from jizhou, the duke can temporarily return to xu chang. The two sons of yuan will fight with each other, and the duke will be able to reap the benefits, then jizhou can go down!" Guo jia smiled and looked at cao cao.Pang standing beside cang, looking at tinker the tall figure, in the middle of the bottom of my heart suddenly some chills, this man, in imperceptible in, has won the heart embrace of the woman, although perhaps don't even know themselves, but as a spectator, pang tong is see don't see the details of some ordinary people, more than that, at the moment think about lyu3 bu4 along the way, his art of war, the plan may not be the strongest, but he fought and never is invincible, especially after xuzhou, almost unrecognizable in general, the control of the heart, the morale of and decisive and simply judge, different from the Confucian culture, But if you really go deep will find that lu bu used these things do not deviate from the Confucian doctrine."Xuande gong li." In the main hall, yi ji smiled and saluted liu bei.

"Ha ~" strong man smell speech, originally worry of the mood is relieved a few, these people look at fierce spirit evil spirit, but very simple and straightforward, with before saw soldier not quite the same."Does the uncle remember him?" Lipan eyes flashed a beam of joy way."Why is that? CAI is stunned that although the two sides are Allies now, they are not very reliable Allies in these days.逢坂春菜 番号|





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