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香烟爱上火柴简谱高仿诺基亚手机"Command the soldiers of all armies, and after three days, after three days of amendment, we will muster up our strength and break the Yin Mausoleum!" Take a deep breath, will inadvertently fill the chest of the murderous press down, soldiers need to trim, since found the intention of jiangdong, guan yu nature can't let them, although three days long, but enough to let the men recover.Get out, of course, in time, After all, even if the trenches were flooded, in terms of the depth of the trenches, it is impossible to drown, but don't forget, pound already sent a lot of crossbowmen wait on it, some jingzhou soldiers watched the river flow in, regardless of how much thought, instinctively climbed out of the trenches, but to meet them, is a cold arrow cluster.Wei yan and zhang fei at the same time a black face, zhuge liang shook his head, light shaking feather fan, and pang tong is generous sitting on the table and chair zhuge liang has prepared.

Pang Tong smell speech can not help nodding: "Like master said, kongming although talent overflowed, but after all, before it was just paper, if not shu topography, he can't have the opportunity to hold up to now, but also therefore, kongming on the strategy, is a lot of progress, but jingzhou news, also should come, I don't know how to choose the kongming?""General li muddy also agreed?" Xie Yun surprised.They looked at lu zheng in horror, it is hard to imagine that seems not strong body, unexpectedly contains such a terrible force.香烟爱上火柴简谱"Ah?" Xing Daorong some anxious, at this time is high morale, the morale of the enemy is low, just broken city, how can give up, but see guan yu look different, dare not violate, hurriedly ordered the soldiers back to camp.

香烟爱上火柴简谱Not only blanc, wu shut, are in a kind of inexplicable excitement, over the years, has been training troops, training them all soon vomited, watching others get merit, promotion, and they can only count ants in addition to training, such a day, finally come to an end."By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely.""Cao cao also sent troops?" Zhuge liang face a change, sink a track.

"Yes." Ma took a deep breath, looked at lyu3 zheng, but in the heart is bitter, lyu3 bu4 fierce power is still in, but his son has begun to show lofty."Sze-won, when did you become so generous?" Wei yan puzzled to look at a face of cool pang tong, sincere admiration.香烟爱上火柴简谱




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