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百花百游完美优惠顾客销售系统After shaking her head, sun jing smiled sadly and said, "I don't know, it seems that guanzhong has made new things. These means of guanzhong are emerging in endlessly!"Sun quan asked liu bei to make way for jiang xia's defense, so as to facilitate the transit of jiang dong's troops and horses. However, liu bei thought that jiang dong could go directly to nanyang through the river, along the back of the han river.

"Thirty thousand?" < / p > < p > law is smell yan smiled, shook his head: "really did not see, when the thirty thousand army really belong to liu zhang?However, pound had some doubts about how lyu3 bu could come to the front with his horse when the war was coming.Milan will burn letter quickly, complexion is very ugly, he don't know whether or not he should listen to zhangsong, lyu3 bu4 strong, however, he is to see in the eye, as a monarch, even without a sweep of the eight wild ambition, but also certainly don't want to be built on stilts, since this way is zhangsong, that must have the cause, when to sink a track: "for a car, to zhangsong palace."百花百游"General, cao cao is crazy!" Xu sheng some force off sitting beside seibel eyes stare at the gates of ShouShiDui, eyes flashing with ferocious, fade, the ten days, even if has a strong GongJin crossbows, also does not cover cao cao onslaught at any price, so don't say jun, even equipped, trained army in guanzhong plain, the ten days to injury also gradually began to add giant, continue like this, I'm afraid tiger fastened shut don't support for too long.

百花百游Rows of rhubarb handheld crossbow jun crossbowman assembled quickly, start with the jun correlation, two stone rhubarb crossbow in range can overwhelm even the crossbow originally, but now the distance is not fully open, they are also within the range of seibel, and even the crossbow advantage at this point is made clear, less than one kung fu tea, three rows crossbowman under each other even crossbows suppression was almost completely annihilated, but seibel side have also started to appear battle damage, followed by JianCu archers shoot, but that is not yet completely out of range of the crossbow militia into fall."Zhou yu? Zhang fei recognized zhou yu at a glance, his eyes flashed a ray of excitement: "my boys, let me kill!"Gao shun and zhang liao were the first two generals under lv bu's command, and their skills were all of the top ones. Although the five generals were the main generals of the elite army, each of them was a rebellious and rebellious person, they had to keep their temper in front of them.

"Lord calm down! Cao cao's book forward, bow, said: "gas hurt the body, and the die is cast, the Lord again angry will not have any advantage, the contrary will be that liu bei saw a joke, the wise man did not take."Take your men down, old man, and let me in the armour that has gathered round the gate. Lv bu turned his head and looked at the magnificent sea path.CAI's death, liu table of a shoulder, also let the CAI home has room for everything, also the new master list liu bei, although weakened, but still occupies a place, CAI home in jingzhou and those before attachment Yu Cai domestic small and medium-sized family, also do not have to dread, and in the liu bei, took the tsai although some hard, just on the reasonable but is more valid's sense of honor, at the same time, men have two batch of vaguely opposing family, don't worry about being raised, everyone is happy.百花百游




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