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蓝月皇后紧固器Looking at lu xun, zhou yu sighed and said, "if jingzhou is attacked, jiangdong still has a chance to win the world championship. However, if it joins the alliance of vassal states, jiangdong will be defeated no matter whether it wins or loses."Huang zhong stare, his most taboo is that others say he is old, at the moment in succession make oneself taboo, at the moment sneer, stand out, look at sun yi way: "little baby out, your father died early, I don't blame you, you come over, grandpa teach you to be a man.Lu xun was silent for a moment and nodded again. Sun quan did not agree.

"So, Qiao Xiong also don't want to think about criminals, the guarantee, if any accident, here tomorrow, son Qiao Xiong plan and even many enough as a witness, can appear in milan desk, when the time comes, don't say shu, the changs one door, even one comprehensive ~" method is smiling to zhangsong."Ha ha ha ~" watching meng da a line of people leave in a blustery manner, wang tired suddenly mad Yang tian laughed"Ziyu brother ~" a middle-aged scribe some worry to look at wang tired."As the Lord has said, war is always the last means of politics, and the Lord must pacify the world at one go, the middle of shu must not become a stumbling block to contain the Lord and the Lord to pacify the world. What faxiao has done is to ask liu zhang to help the Lord pave the way to shu. Pang tong smiled.蓝月皇后"Zhou yu? Zhang fei recognized zhou yu at a glance, his eyes flashed a ray of excitement: "my boys, let me kill!"

蓝月皇后"If a city is attacked, our army only needs to use shield vehicles and charging vehicles to attack. However big the tiger prison is, the space is also limited. Our army only needs to rush into the city, or let the soldiers rush to the city wall under the protection of shield vehicles."Er... "Lyu3 bu4 goggle to giffin, the latter is to make the appearance of a pair of burnout, lyu3 bu4 helpless, he also knows that this year is very busy these days, what's more, fight again next year, luoyang strategic reserves to verify again, these are presented after the following people to review some of the important books, including changan, luoyang and the western area of business tax, ministries on money, next year's budget, and so on.< / p > < p > sun jing slightly frowned, some hesitation in the heart, not only gaoshun army, even cao qiaojun's combat effectiveness surprised him, the crossbow's range has been far beyond the range of jiangdong crossbow, just do not know how liu bijun's fighting force?

Lv meng is helpless, the preparation, the ship is actually to put it bluntly, are converted the boat, a ship can carry five people, but even if it is only the boat, as long as the silk road across the people who are not blind, it is impossible to see, the truth, zhou yu could not understand, but zhou yu so betting, lv meng was not good."Speak!" Liu zhang waved, some impatient road."Father, shall we leave yizhou? The world is so big, why worry about having nowhere to go?" The son of king tired took part to cry, embrace king tired way.蓝月皇后




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