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少年特工科迪1|北京中医药东方学院"Don't mess around, I'm here!" Begging fu goyang stood up, want to drink to stop the soldiers around, a frightened horse from behind, begging fu goyang suddenly, was hit off the ground, people in the air, a mouthful of blood spurted out, rolling to the ground, is about to get up, a panic foot soldiers galloping past, didn't care about the people rolling on the ground."At the end of the day!" Night owl camp figure appeared around, qi qi qi to Addis hand."Urgent documents, this is cao" urgent documents written to xuchang, jun no food, our army victory is imminent! " Xu togeher laughed and said, "go, hurry up and tell the master the news!"

Compared with the conference semifinals such a camp, at that time the joint venture uneven don't say, each other also have ghosts, each other stumbling block, and xianbei people side, even if there are contradictions in their own private, also won't take the overall interests to joke, they may not know how much the word survival, but they really understand the true meaning of the two words.Lombardi smoothed his anger, then turned his eyes to the crowd. "Men," he said, "Yen Liang and his men of letters and ugliness were all slaughtered, and the armed forces were moved with vigour. At this time, I don't know who could serve as generals.""Zhou Cang." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Zhou Cang one eye.少年特工科迪1|Liang Xing with several xianbei generals around the fire, But the thief is mighty, Jin Lianchuan is not a city after all, With twenty thousand men invariably attacking, Fragile defences quickly collapsed, followed by a bitter fight, Those tu everyone, moon people, zero people and wolf qiang people as if crazy, see people cut, surging horseshoes, again and again will Liang Xing organized hand crushed, even tribal people also picked up the weapon at the moment, but in the face of these apparently war-torn hetao soldiers, the old, weak, women and children who stay vulnerable.

少年特工科迪1|"Why not?" Ignoring the outsiders, the woman proudly raised her chest: "In your frost country, there have been two powerful queens, the Sabbath country has also had, I also heard that the far west, what you call the Great Qin country, there have been queens, why can't I?""Not difficult! Suddenly." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, looked back to sentence tu way.Conspiracy, this thing is from the beginning of the conspiracy against the king's court, the five major tribes, even the furthest Kirby can all arrived, then the other three tribes?

"Today, dog thief, I will avenge my family!" Ma Tie but don't care about the thought of liang xing at the moment, wolf teeth gun a gun faster than a gun, this year, he didn't official, but with d side, bitter gun, inspired by hatred, in the past year, ma Tie's gun, if not young, I'm afraid Liang Xing would have died under his gun."Adult Ming Jian, I and Cui E, this is childhood sweetheart, two love each other, who knows that zhang gu zhang..."Chapter 37 aggressive少年特工科迪1|




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