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针孔摄像头厂家yss找九龙首邦育发液The war did not really start, and even the allied forces of the vassal states did not appear. Neither lv bu nor cao cao exercised restraint and did not extend the war in jizhou to the whole line."When I ordered night huang latent western region, expand night owl camp, the soldiers will night owl camp into huang, eagle, ying three, responsible for monitoring the world, these five years, your frost power development? Lv bu indifferent eyes in the nighthawk high body sweep, indifferent way.If early a few years or two years later, a mess, jingzhou for cao cao, not necessarily a good thing, cao cao can be taken advantage of the annexation of JingXiang -- jiangdong, but at this time is just right card on a node, governors lyu3 bu4 opportunity has emerged, a total review cao cao hand's sense of honor, was about to joint the world governors lyu3 bu4, a total review at the moment, at this time can't JingXiang fight, otherwise what is the faith, governors and how dare to believe him?

Flying pigeon transmission book in order to prevent being intercepted, has been in secret code transmission, but to lv bu hand, nature has been translated out of the real information.Cao cao (though failed to produce even crossbows, but these years, cao cao has been improving the crossbow, cooperate with some captured lyu3 bu4 strong crossbow study over there, cao cao hands now although not many innovative things, but the han dynasty of rhubarb crossbow, the most powerful three catapult can reach four hundred steps, is two catapult range has exceeded two hundred steps, although is single, and the loading was also more difficult, but at least on the range, can suppress the crossbow."Huh?" Zhao dewenyan was surprised to see that these troops did not attack the city, nor did they move the siege equipment. Instead, they started to build a wall at a distance of three arrows from the city wall.针孔摄像头厂家yss找九龙"Remember, my name is lv bu, big fellow hussars ride general, champion hou!" Lyu3 bu4 turn head, saw LAN zhan one eye, indifferent way: "tie mu zhen, just my alias."

针孔摄像头厂家yss找九龙But it is the response of jiangdong intriguing, after cao cao pulled out xiajou dun, lu jiang began to move to the jiangxia area, with zhou yu combined troops against the jiangxia posture, for what happened in the north, and did not cause jiangdong alert, still pay attention to jingzhou area.Zhang liao did not answer, but waved his hand and asked for liu ye to be taken away. After that, he would arrange to escort liu ye to chang 'an."When I was in college, the teacher said that everything should be taught but not restricted by force. The law is imposing restrictions on people's behavior. Lv zheng looked puzzled at lv bu.

In the distance, xia houyuan with the army slowly stopped in three miles away, frowning at the circle shaped barracks."Brother zi zhen is good for brother shuhuan, chang 'an inn, the general family really can not afford to live, wei jia now the family is in decline, can save a little bit is a little bit, the chang 'an academy supplies each disciple to spend a lot of money, really no food handed out to brother wei."It was confirmed months ago that there were no survivors." Chen gong sighs with blank face and looks towards Chen GUI with deep sympathy. All of a sudden, the hatred is gone.针孔摄像头厂家yss找九龙




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