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中国梦想秀20120511神采飞扬中国郎Three Qiang warriors rushed to the front and flew out and landed on the ground, utter a groan of pain, Around the qiang people have gradually become numb, From the beginning of lyu3 bu4 open provocation to now, Already have more than thirty white water twelve qiang recognized warriors came forward to challenge, from the beginning of a one, to later, two, three together, but don't say go ten, so far, there is not a person under lyu3 bu4 through a close, if not lyu3 bu4 didn't die, at the moment on the ground is not lying a group of strong men, but a pile of corpses."Lao wang, master hope Lao wang tonight can strengthen the alert, side by d." Korea hence the bodyguard looked at a drunk hazy haoshuai, qiang will, helpless wry smile in the heart, master's command, this time even will not be executed.Yang wang voice fell, all around the qiang people immediately talk about, some people show joy, but there are many people with doubts, after all, they ate too much in the hands of the han Chinese, especially the han Chinese officials, never see them as people, but lyu3 bu4 the name of the han people's strongest, let a lot of people believe.

Chen Xing eyes suddenly a bright, think of a good way, turned to the lieutenant-general said: "How many horses are there in our city?""And how can it be comforted?" Cao Caowen said with a wry smile."Bring it down." Lyu3 bu4 nodded and turned his head to the north palace away from the way: "with me."中国梦想秀20120511"Candidate? He left before us. How could he let the martial arts men come to Huaili to fight?" D to stand up, face iron blue road.

中国梦想秀20120511"Master, there is something wrong with the huns." Hande on horseback came to lyu3 bu4 side, turned his head to look at the rear, sink a track: "it seems, is procrastinating marching speed.""West cool pound here, Hugh hurt my general!" A roar sounded in the night sky, but saw a will from the rear into the crowd, behind a black fighter, instantly will just assemble good formation chaos.

"Korea hence." Giffin thought: "marten father and son, although brave, but too strong is easy to fold, with the means of the korean agreement, will not openly belligerent." If direct military forces, forces were reduced Korea hence is by no means the rivals of the horse's father and son, Korea hence is a wise man, will not do so.Chapter 42 the beginning of the war"Tomorrow, the army will return, hope, worries can give me an answer, also give yourself an answer. Lyu3 bu4 heart know marotta has been moved, even for a moment, but enough.中国梦想秀20120511




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